Jay & Savannah {by footsteps photography}

Time is just flying by. It feels like yesterday that this gorgeous baby girl was born… but it wasn’t yesterday, it was December, and that means it was time for them to get their first family photo. I was so excited that the timing lined up perfectly to shoot out in the orchards. You see, the orchards in bloom are a majestic site with┬áa very short window of opportunity to shoot. They will soon lose all of their blooms and start sprouting yummy apples! I knew that Savannah would dress her family so adorably, which she did. I also knew that her kids with their big bright eyes would melt my heart, which they did :). It was a quick, fun, sunny shoot and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out! If you are looking for ideas of how to dress for family photos definitely check out this shoot ­čÖé


Music Family Photos {by footsteps photography- Boise, ID family photographer}

So every year we do family photos in the fall. Family photos are probably our longest standing tradition. As they should be right? With us being photographers and all :)Two times we have postponed our tradition to the following spring. Those two times have been when I (Aubrey) was pregnant in the fall, due the following February. February came,┬ábaby Jaycie arrived, spring sprung, and the weather became somewhat cooperative, so we headed out with my dad’s newly redone pickup┬áto take our family photos. In years past, we set the camera timer and I would run multiple times back and forth until we got a good one. This year we drug my uncle along to take the big family picture. It was a great idea and I didn’t have to run around like crazy. He did fabulous and so did everyone else :). So here is our family shoot, documenting the Music family in 2014: