Megan and Travis {Newborn 2014} by Footsteps Photography

I love it so much when my friends have babies! This little angel tried to make her debut super early and then changed her mind and decided she wanted to stay in her mommy’s tummy longer than she was supposed to. It’s a long story as to how I know new mommy Megan, and it’s even a little bit funny. It was a random meeting a long time ago, but I think it was one of those “everything happens for a reason” meetings. She is a kind hearted person who is already an amazing mom. Then there is Travis. This guys is awesome and compliments Megan perfectly. He is also already an amazing parent, reading to their sweet baby girl everyday. What more can I say, Megan, Travis and baby make the cutest little family and we are so happy for you guys! Here are the images from their shoot:

IMG_8377 flare_WEB IMG_8392 crop_WEB IMG_8437R BW_WEB IMG_8445R crop_WEB IMG_8455 OC_WEB IMG_8466 OC crop_WEB IMG_8510R crop_WEB IMG_8520 BW crop_WEB IMG_8524 BW crop_WEB IMG_8532 BW crop_WEB IMG_8540_WEB IMG_8556_WEB IMG_8562 OC_WEB IMG_8578 OC crop_WEBIMG_8576 bw crop_WEB

My best friend had a baby! {Baby Tai by Footsteps Photography}

Baby Tai was born on Monday September 1, 2014. He came out into this world screaming and letting everyone know he had arrived.

Last week was a very special week for me. Last week, I flew down to Cali to visit my best friend, her husband, her 2 year old, and her brand new baby boy. I often think about how lucky I am to have a friend like Ashley and to be auntie Aubrey to two amazing little boys. My visit was short, but still such a great time. I ate great food, watched movies on their big comfy couch, had amazing conversations, built block castles with my buddy, and snuggled the new baby as much as possible. A short visit doesn’t get much better than that. I am feeling blessed and also so excited to share these images from my trip. Congrats Mike and Ash on your new addition! He is a cute little guy just like his big brother :). Love You!

IMG_5995 BW crop_WEB IMG_6001 BW_WEB IMG_6024 crop_WEB IMG_6030 crop_WEB IMG_6067 crop_WEB IMG_6072 crop_WEB IMG_6077 BW crop_WEB IMG_6103 crop_WEB IMG_6120 OC_WEB IMG_6130 OC crop_WEB IMG_6156 OC_WEB IMG_6168 OC crop_WEB IMG_6170R Crop_WEB IMG_6182_WEB IMG_6196 OC BW_WEB IMG_6196 OC_WEB IMG_6200R_WEB IMG_6205 OC crop_WEB IMG_6209 OC_WEB