Mike & Shannon {Got Hitched!} by Footsteps Photography- Boise Wedding Photographers

Talk about an epic day! A beautiful couple and beautiful family combined.  Mike and Shannon were married July 26th, 2014 at Alpine Ponds Event Center, a fantastic outdoor wedding venue in Meridian, Idaho.   We were thrilled to get to know these two and their family and honored to photograph their big day.  One of the most unique cakes we have ever seen at a wedding but it fit their personalities to a tee!  Their first dances brought tears to everyone’s eyes…including ours..(insert sniffle and teardrop here).  But the day, well, it was simply  sunshine and awesomeness!  You must peruse through their photos as they tell a much better story than we can, so here you go!


MSH1_5043_WEB MSH1_5055_WEB MSH1_5061R_WEBMSH3_039_WEB MSH2_006 OC_WEB MSH2_011_WEB MSH2_025 OC_WEB MSH2_076 OC_WEB MSH2_080_WEBMSH3_075_WEB MSH3_070_WEBMSH2_104_WEB MSH2_127_WEB MSH2_151_WEB MSH2_152_WEB MSH2_166_WEB MSH2_183_WEB MSH2_204 OC_WEB MSH2_210_WEB MSH2_213_WEB MSH2_221_WEB MSH2_227_WEB MSH2_228_WEBMSH3_077_WEB MSH2_233_WEB MSH2_246_WEB MSH2_247_WEB MSH2_248_WEB MSH2_262_WEB MSH2_299_WEB MSH2_313_WEB MSH2_338_WEB MSH2_351_WEB MSH2_361_WEB MSH2_382_WEB       MSH3_272_WEB MSH3_286_WEB

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