You Think You Don’t Have Time for Family Photos??? {family pictures by footsteps photography}

By: Aubrey Nelson

In September and October my mom and I rarely see anytime out from behind our lenses or out from in front of our computers. It’s wedding season, senior photo season and family season. It also has it’s share of newborns (those new years babies). So basically what I am getting at is we are crazy busy and life is super hectic these two months out of the year.

Then there is my husband’s schedule in the fall. During September, October, and November my husband spends a lot of time in the mountains hunting. He is an avid archer and amazing producer of hunting webisodes, making him crazy busy as well. (shameless plug for him inserted here: ).

Our kids also keep life insane. We have a 3 year old and an 8 month old…. need I say more. Life for us does not allow for time to breath, let alone schedule family photos. But we did it. It was a beautiful day and we had a chance to squeeze in a 10 minute shoot… yes I said TEN MINUTE SHOOT! The sun sets at 6:15 and we are completely out of light at sunset. We started the shoot at 6:05 on the dot and since they didn’t teach common core math when I was in school… you see where I got a 10 minute shoot. We worked fast and used bribery (don’t judge me, my son is 3). My mom, Val, is super talented and was able to get amazing shots in that small amount of evening light.

I went in hoping to get one good one for my wall and now I have too many to choose from. It’s a great problem to have. I can’t wait to get them printed and hung!

So, you see where I am going with this? Family photos are so very important. Family photos are so very worth squeezing in. Family photos can be amazing in just 10 minutes, especially when you are working with a professional like my mom (we had a good one in about 3 minutes). So make the time to get family pictures taken…. I am so happy I did.

IMG_5590 flare_WEB IMG_5596r cropped_WEB IMG_5611 OC crop_WEB IMG_5624 OC crop_WEB IMG_5634 OC crop_WEB IMG_5652rcrop_WEB IMG_6291r cropped_WEB IMG_6308 OC crop_WEB IMG_6329 OC crop_WEB IMG_6335 OC crop_WEB IMG_6378 OC crop_WEB

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