Posse Formin’ Party {Birthday party for Jackson and Jaycie}

What cowboy/cowgirl birthday party is complete without the perfect little stick horse?

In planning this party we decided to combine the 2 birthdays since they are only 10 days apart. It only makes sense right?  (and I could afford to go bigger if we did…hehe)  Well lil’ Jaycie loves her nay nays (ie. Ponies) and Jackson loves his boots and snap shirts so the party…well it pretty much planned itself.  Cowboy/cowgirl theme it is!

Kids Wanted Invite


Now how are we going to pull off a party for about 60 people?  Why so many? Large families and lots of friends. So first the location: a beautiful red barn surrounded by cattle and haystacks with the gorgeous snow capped Owhyee mountains in the background. Check.



Next would be the party favors.  There are 20 little dudes and dudettes invited so how about we hand make 20 of the most adorable stick horses.  Yep, check.


Games you say?  We had that covered too: a must have barrel race, add in corn hole, horseshoes, maybe a little pin the tail on the pony, add in some ropin’ and you have created a fun filled afternoon. Check.


Food? Well that was a given. Middle of February it has to be chili, right?  Get the grandparents to make their famous chili then add some muffins, hotdogs on the grill and macaroni and cheese and it’s a feast fit for the king and queen of country. Check.




Dessert: go to the experts. Cupcakes, cakes, cookies and pies to die for and oh so cute and beyond yummy. Check.




Now to decorate, again go to the experts.   Find the cutest little glampers and all the antique western motif and voila we have party too cute to not share.


Don’t forget the chalkboard art to let everyone know what is happening!


And finally ….. sit back and watch the fun begin. Remember the golden rule of life is “Have Fun”. As someone once said “Life is not a dress rehearsal.”  So dress up, show up and kick your heels up!



Vintiques LLC of Nampa  Cute little silver and teal glamper and western motif.   https://www.facebook.com/Vintiquesdecor/

The Sweet Spot of Caldwell the amazing pastries and that adorable pink glamper.  http://www.sweetspotbakeryid.com/

Aunt Tam and Mimi for the way to cute handmade stick horses with fabric from Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics of Caldwell   http://www.owfinc.com/

Chalkboard art by the talented Kim Barton of Daisy Janes in Nampa  https://www.facebook.com/DaisyJanesDecor/




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