Lea & Tate {Say “I do” @ Aloha Nursery} by Footsteps Photography

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring”
– Oscar Wilde
What a lovely wedding we had the privilege to be a part of last Saturday. One of my very best friends from way back in Junior high tied the knot and it was definitely a special day.
We started the day with photos at the bride, Lea’s mom’s house. Her mom has a gorgeous house with immaculate landscaping that was perfect for photos. Lea got ready putting on her ¬†elegant, and a little bit boho wedding dress and then headed¬†out to do a first look with her groom Tate.
You could see the nervousness as Tate awaited seeing his gorgeous bride for the first time in her dress. The first look couldn’t have turned out any more perfect!
After some more photos at the house that Lea grew up in, we all headed to Aloha Nursery for some family photos and a beautiful ceremony.
They say it’s good luck to get married in the rain and right in the middle of the ceremony a little rain came. It turned into a special memory because Lea’s dad grabbed an umbrella, took it up to the altar, and handed it to Tate’s brother to hold for the couple during the rest of the ceremony. They kissed in the rain, then the sun came out on cue for the first part of the party.
The rain showed back up, but everyone just picked up their tables and chairs and headed under the big tent out back. It was memorable, it was elegant, and it was a very personal affair. It was a real DIY wedding, with Lea taking credit for the bouquet,¬†boutonnieres, and so many of the decorations. Her cousin made the cake and cupcakes, and a class of 4th grade students from her mom’s school made the adorable origami cranes. Lea and Tate did an incredible job and we had so much fun being part of their wedding. Congrats you two! We wish you all the happiness in the world!

Lea gave a heartfelt toast to her guests saying, “We are grateful to have celebrated our wedding day with friends and family from near and far away. I hope it was a time of reflection on love, God and family for all that joined us. Thank you for enduring the rain and March-like temperatures.”

Here are some of our favorites from this beautiful day:
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