Fall Minis are Coming Up! {What to Wear for Family Photos} 7 Tips from Footsteps Photography

After a recent post of my family photos, I have had a few people contact me about how I pick out outfits for my family photos. I am not a fashion blogger, stylist, or designer, but I do have a few tips I thought would be helpful to share.

  1. Make sure you feel beautiful

Dress yourself first. I have started with the kids outfits and tried to match something in my closet to them, and it just doesn’t end with the result that I want. So now I start with an outfit that I feel pretty wearing. If you feel pretty, you will like the photos, because, let’s be honest, your kids could be in potato sacks and you would still love a photo of them. Kids outfits that you love are much easier to find on a quick shopping trip. Seriously, go to Target or Old Navy and you are bound to find something you will just love to dress them in.

2. Use a simple color pallet of 3-4 colors

Don’t be afraid of color, but don’t let color be a distraction.  Remember in the 90’s, family pictures meant everyone put on their blue jeans and white shirts? Well, please don’t do that… it’s 2017. Remember when plaid shirts became a trend and family pictures had everyone in different plaid patterned shirts, don’t do that either. Side note: Please don’t be offended if you have done either of these trends, because you are not alone. It was the “in” thing to do.
My rule of thumb is to use one bold pattern and then maybe a simple complimenting pattern with some solids and color blocking. Use your bold pattern to pull out your color pallet and then mix and match from there.

3. Accessorize

This is where you get to dress up those solids and add your personality! Accessories photograph very well and bring your outfit game up a notch.  Think of your favorite shoes or belt ;).

4. Layer

For Fall pictures, think layers. Scarves and sweaters are a great way to fashionably dress for the weather. The average temperature on the day we have scheduled for our family mini session is 68 degrees. Dress for the weather and your surroundings, because if you don’t, you will have goosebumps, shrugged up shoulders, and red noses in your pictures.

5. Prepare- Plan ahead

My couch makes for the perfect place to lay out our outfits and see how they look right next to each other. I have heard of people using the floor or their bed to lay out their outfits… to each their own, jut make sure you aren’t scrambling the day of your shoot, because something is bound to not fit right, be in the dirty clothes hamper, or need ironed. I also like to take a picture of the outfits on my phone. One, because I am a super visual person, and two, because I might find something out and about that I think might work better and it’s nice to have a picture for reference.

6. Disney Characters and Star Wars are a NO

I try to avoid all logos and characters. The photos are about your family and the beautiful faces of your children. Characters, logos, and words are a big distraction.

7. Think like Jackie O.

Jackie’s style was timeless and classic. These photos are going to be up and displayed for years to come. You want to look at them and think of how classic and wonderful you all look, not think “what were we thinking?!”. When it comes to trends, opt for simple ones and ones that will most likely stick around, like scarves, or hats, or boots…. leave the man romper in the closet and those giant bell bottoms that come in a out of fashion right there next to the romphim.

Here are some samples from my recent family session and some other family sessions we have photographed and just loved their styling.


Clayce-14Music-13Humkey-5Jensen-56Iupati Family-3MJ-14_mg_3264 sweet tea cropChristmas Mini 3-130


Lea & Tate {Say “I do” @ Aloha Nursery} by Footsteps Photography

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring”
– Oscar Wilde
What a lovely wedding we had the privilege to be a part of last Saturday. One of my very best friends from way back in Junior high tied the knot and it was definitely a special day.
We started the day with photos at the bride, Lea’s mom’s house. Her mom has a gorgeous house with immaculate landscaping that was perfect for photos. Lea got ready putting on her  elegant, and a little bit boho wedding dress and then headed out to do a first look with her groom Tate.
You could see the nervousness as Tate awaited seeing his gorgeous bride for the first time in her dress. The first look couldn’t have turned out any more perfect!
After some more photos at the house that Lea grew up in, we all headed to Aloha Nursery for some family photos and a beautiful ceremony.
They say it’s good luck to get married in the rain and right in the middle of the ceremony a little rain came. It turned into a special memory because Lea’s dad grabbed an umbrella, took it up to the altar, and handed it to Tate’s brother to hold for the couple during the rest of the ceremony. They kissed in the rain, then the sun came out on cue for the first part of the party.
The rain showed back up, but everyone just picked up their tables and chairs and headed under the big tent out back. It was memorable, it was elegant, and it was a very personal affair. It was a real DIY wedding, with Lea taking credit for the bouquet, boutonnieres, and so many of the decorations. Her cousin made the cake and cupcakes, and a class of 4th grade students from her mom’s school made the adorable origami cranes. Lea and Tate did an incredible job and we had so much fun being part of their wedding. Congrats you two! We wish you all the happiness in the world!

Lea gave a heartfelt toast to her guests saying, “We are grateful to have celebrated our wedding day with friends and family from near and far away. I hope it was a time of reflection on love, God and family for all that joined us. Thank you for enduring the rain and March-like temperatures.”

Here are some of our favorites from this beautiful day:
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Posse Formin’ Party {Birthday party for Jackson and Jaycie}

What cowboy/cowgirl birthday party is complete without the perfect little stick horse? In planning this party we decided to combine the 2 birthdays since they are only 10 days apart. It only makes sense right?  (and I could afford to go bigger … Continue reading

Jessica & Aaron are having another baby! {Maternity Photography by Footsteps Photography} Idaho

Talk about a gorgeous momma-to-be! We just adore Jessica, Aaron and Ace and can’t wait for them to welcome another cutie into this world. Jessica is one gorgeous momma with incredible style. We love both of her outfits, but she is beyond stunning in her boho dress and red hat. We always have a great time with this sweet family. And boy is Ace excited to be a big brother! We could hardly keep up. Congrats Jessica and Aaron! We are so happy for you! Check out our favorite pictures!!


Preston Asked & Erin Said Yes! {Proposal by Footsteps Photography-Phoenix}

I don’t think there is such as thing as something being too beautiful, but if there was such a thing, this proposal would completely fit the definition. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and about 70 degrees. The location was incredible, the girl was stunning, the guy looked handsome, their families were beyond lovely, the ring was astonishing, and their friends were so darn good looking! Once you see the pictures, you will get what I mean ;).
I was lucky enough to grow up with Preston. From the time he made up a song with his buddy about how “the music burns their ears”, to Catch Phrase game nights, to cheering in the stands at the football games, I always considered him a good guy and a good friend. After high school he moved to Arizona for college, saw a beautiful girl on a poster that was running for president at his school (Her name was Erin and she won), and then graduated. After he graduated, that beautiful girl drove through the pharmacy where he worked and he couldn’t help but remember her gorgeous face and he asked her out. She had a boyfriend at the time, sadly, but it wouldn’t take too long until fate would bring them back together again and they would be matched on a dating site. Now some people might consider that coincidence, but I am pretty confident that it wasn’t coincidence, it was fate. You can just see the joy and love in their eyes and feel the love they have for each other.
Preston, you set up a fabulous day of events that Erin will always remember, you picked out the most gorgeous ring, and you are one lucky guy to get such a kind-hearted girl to grow old with. I am so honored and happy I got to be a part of this incredible day. I will cherish the memories forever. Congrats to Preston and Erin!

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You Stole My Heart {Childrens Valentine’s Day Mini Session}

We thought long and hard about what we wanted our Valentine mini sessions to look like.  Not too red, not too white, definitely not too “lovey”.   Then we had to take into consideration coming off an amazingly awesome, too … Continue reading

Welcome Baby Knox {Baby lifestyle shoot by Footsteps Photography} Nampa, ID

Did you ever think “it would be so nice to have the photographer come to my house”?   You work so hard on making that perfect nursery, and then no one gets to share it. This morning we were honored to meet Knox, his big brother and his mommy and were able to photograph the cutest little guy all relaxed and in his own element.  We LOVE lifestyle sessions.  Taking it slow and just enjoying each moment  watching the family interact and capturing those special memories. I hope you enjoy this look into a morning with Knox.

Knox-5 webKnox-7 webKnox-19 webKnox-25 webKnox-26 webKnox-31 webKnox-39 webKnox-47 webKnox-48 webKnox-50 web

And She’s turning “2”!

Do we ever need an excuse to take photos of this beautiful little girl? No….but here’s a great excuse anyway, it’s her birthday. Celebrating and capturing mile stones in your life, documenting the yearly changes…why do we do this? Well in this instance we need to so we can remember how adorable that sweet little girl is and the fact that she will only turn “2”…once. In other cases maybe it’s just to capture the toothless smile, or the cutest little hair cut, or do you really need a reason? Bring on the smiles, silly faces or just the I’m in deep thought look…it doesn’t really matter just capture it!


Look Mom….No hands!



“I am so cute”






Can you believe those eyes?


And the look….


The I’m deep in Thought look….


Mimi…I know how to do this!


The love of our life!