Posse Formin’ Party {Birthday party for Jackson and Jaycie}

What cowboy/cowgirl birthday party is complete without the perfect little stick horse? In planning this party we decided to combine the 2 birthdays since they are only 10 days apart. It only makes sense right?  (and I could afford to go bigger … Continue reading

You Stole My Heart {Childrens Valentine’s Day Mini Session}

We thought long and hard about what we wanted our Valentine mini sessions to look like.  Not too red, not too white, definitely not too “lovey”.   Then we had to take into consideration coming off an amazingly awesome, too … Continue reading

Welcome Baby Knox {Baby lifestyle shoot by Footsteps Photography} Nampa, ID

Did you ever think “it would be so nice to have the photographer come to my house”?   You work so hard on making that perfect nursery, and then no one gets to share it. This morning we were honored to meet Knox, his big brother and his mommy and were able to photograph the cutest little guy all relaxed and in his own element.  We LOVE lifestyle sessions.  Taking it slow and just enjoying each moment  watching the family interact and capturing those special memories. I hope you enjoy this look into a morning with Knox.

Knox-5 webKnox-7 webKnox-19 webKnox-25 webKnox-26 webKnox-31 webKnox-39 webKnox-47 webKnox-48 webKnox-50 web

And She’s turning “2”!

Do we ever need an excuse to take photos of this beautiful little girl? No….but here’s a great excuse anyway, it’s her birthday. Celebrating and capturing mile stones in your life, documenting the yearly changes…why do we do this? Well in this instance we need to so we can remember how adorable that sweet little girl is and the fact that she will only turn “2”…once. In other cases maybe it’s just to capture the toothless smile, or the cutest little hair cut, or do you really need a reason? Bring on the smiles, silly faces or just the I’m in deep thought look…it doesn’t really matter just capture it!


Look Mom….No hands!



“I am so cute”






Can you believe those eyes?


And the look….


The I’m deep in Thought look….


Mimi…I know how to do this!


The love of our life!

Megan and Travis {Newborn 2014} by Footsteps Photography

I love it so much when my friends have babies! This little angel tried to make her debut super early and then changed her mind and decided she wanted to stay in her mommy’s tummy longer than she was supposed to. It’s a long story as to how I know new mommy Megan, and it’s even a little bit funny. It was a random meeting a long time ago, but I think it was one of those “everything happens for a reason” meetings. She is a kind hearted person who is already an amazing mom. Then there is Travis. This guys is awesome and compliments Megan perfectly. He is also already an amazing parent, reading to their sweet baby girl everyday. What more can I say, Megan, Travis and baby make the cutest little family and we are so happy for you guys! Here are the images from their shoot:

IMG_8377 flare_WEB IMG_8392 crop_WEB IMG_8437R BW_WEB IMG_8445R crop_WEB IMG_8455 OC_WEB IMG_8466 OC crop_WEB IMG_8510R crop_WEB IMG_8520 BW crop_WEB IMG_8524 BW crop_WEB IMG_8532 BW crop_WEB IMG_8540_WEB IMG_8556_WEB IMG_8562 OC_WEB IMG_8578 OC crop_WEBIMG_8576 bw crop_WEB

Megan & Markie {mommy and me shoot by footsteps photography- Boise, ID family photographer}

Being a mommy to the sweetest little boy and a little girl on the way, nothing makes me happier than being able to capture a mother and her baby. There is such a special bond between a mom and her child. These two just had fun in front of the camera. They played the way they play at home, and I couldn’t be happier with the way this shoot turned out. This little girl is so stinkin smart and so much fun to capture. The big kisses for mommy are my absolute favorite. Thank you Megan for choosing us to capture your sweet little girl and the amazing love between the two of you!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Image