Preston Asked & Erin Said Yes! {Proposal by Footsteps Photography-Phoenix}

I don’t think there is such as thing as something being too beautiful, but if there was such a thing, this proposal would completely fit the definition. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and about 70 degrees. The location was incredible, the girl was stunning, the guy looked handsome, their families were beyond lovely, the ring was astonishing, and their friends were so darn good looking! Once you see the pictures, you will get what I mean ;).
I was lucky enough to grow up with Preston. From the time he made up a song with his buddy about how “the music burns their ears”, to Catch Phrase game nights, to cheering in the stands at the football games, I always considered him a good guy and a good friend. After high school he moved to Arizona for college, saw a beautiful girl on a poster that was running for president at his school (Her name was Erin and she won), and then graduated. After he graduated, that beautiful girl drove through the pharmacy where he worked and he couldn’t help but remember her gorgeous face and he asked her out. She had a boyfriend at the time, sadly, but it wouldn’t take too long until fate would bring them back together again and they would be matched on a dating site. Now some people might consider that coincidence, but I am pretty confident that it wasn’t coincidence, it was fate. You can just see the joy and love in their eyes and feel the love they have for each other.
Preston, you set up a fabulous day of events that Erin will always remember, you picked out the most gorgeous ring, and you are one lucky guy to get such a kind-hearted girl to grow old with. I am so honored and happy I got to be a part of this incredible day. I will cherish the memories forever. Congrats to Preston and Erin!

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You Stole My Heart {Childrens Valentine’s Day Mini Session}

We thought long and hard about what we wanted our Valentine mini sessions to look like.  Not too red, not too white, definitely not too “lovey”.   Then we had to take into consideration coming off an amazingly awesome, too … Continue reading

Welcome Baby Knox {Baby lifestyle shoot by Footsteps Photography} Nampa, ID

Did you ever think “it would be so nice to have the photographer come to my house”?   You work so hard on making that perfect nursery, and then no one gets to share it. This morning we were honored to meet Knox, his big brother and his mommy and were able to photograph the cutest little guy all relaxed and in his own element.  We LOVE lifestyle sessions.  Taking it slow and just enjoying each moment  watching the family interact and capturing those special memories. I hope you enjoy this look into a morning with Knox.

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And She’s turning “2”!

Do we ever need an excuse to take photos of this beautiful little girl? No….but here’s a great excuse anyway, it’s her birthday. Celebrating and capturing mile stones in your life, documenting the yearly changes…why do we do this? Well in this instance we need to so we can remember how adorable that sweet little girl is and the fact that she will only turn “2”…once. In other cases maybe it’s just to capture the toothless smile, or the cutest little hair cut, or do you really need a reason? Bring on the smiles, silly faces or just the I’m in deep thought look…it doesn’t really matter just capture it!


Look Mom….No hands!



“I am so cute”






Can you believe those eyes?


And the look….


The I’m deep in Thought look….


Mimi…I know how to do this!


The love of our life!